Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hey Mr Zuma ... I have a song for you ...

Fuck you!!
Hey Mr Zuma, I have a few ideas for you. 1. Every racist white must be handcuffed to a racist black for a period of three months and no leave to appeal. 2. Get rid of all your wives and keep just one. It will be cheaper and better for our economy. 3. Take the prisoners out and let them fix our roads. 4. Chase the Chinese back so that our own people can work 5. Get the Guptas out your arse. 6. Clean up your country as in clean the garbage, the dirt, the stench ... make the country clean and employ the unemployed to do just that. 7. Give a child care grant only to one child. All other children born receive nothing. 8. Force children to attend school until Matric, even if they have to sit there until they are 30. 8. Cut the salaries of all fat cats by one quarter and plough that money into the universities so that our students can learn. Stop hospitals from making nurses pay to get become sisters. Let them do it the old way - work and be paid while they learn. 9. Send every male between 18 and 21 for 2 full years to the army to teach them to be men. 10. Remove every single race based law in the country. 11. Stop hiding your communism under your ANC flag. Communism was about class struggle and nothing to do with colour of skin. Did they not teach you that?" 12. Send the people back to their home land and teach them how to grow food. There is honor in growing your own food. People used to be able to do this before we all got too clever and learned about KFC. 13. Teach every child to swim. 14. Put the male in prison for impregnating girls under the age of 18. 15. Put in some 'spies' into the police to flesh out the corruption. 16. Stop giving us the finger and take on the responsibility of running this country or take your retirement package. I am sure you have enough money now - how do you do it anyway - with viagra? Decide what you want ... do you want to be Westernized or do you want to be an African? We don't give a shit whether you white, black or pink ... we just don't want to be embarrassed by you. Mr President - a ship is only as good as it's Captain and our Captain has lost control of his ship.

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