Friday, September 23, 2016

Eugene de Kock - Part Two

I know the reason why he has not contacted his friends.  I know the reason why he has not made an appearance to many of those he knows on our Free Eugene de Kock page.  And I am going to tell you everything I know over the next couple of posts about what went down before his actual release.  Some of the things I am going to tell you may just land me in hot water, but then again, I seem to continuously be in shit street.
During the time when we were still trying to get Eugene out, we had given some of the main players nicknames that only a few of us know about.  One of the main players, as you all know, was Kopdoek.  Everyone knew him by that name, but I gave him another name which was TM.  TM stood for Table Mountain because his ego was that big.  This is how we communicated – via inbox and by using nicknames.  Inbox was also the safest way to communicate that the authorities would not know what we were up to.  But even then, to make sure that the intelligence fellows were not getting our info, we wrote our inbox messages without punctuation – punctuation helps them to decode messages.    Then there was Julian Knight … more about him later.  And then there was the Jansen woman (who ultimately wrote a pathetic, in my view, book about Eugene).  She wanted me to organise a trip to visit him and when I refused, she found another way of getting to him.  Long before she did a thing, I knew what she was up to.  I called her PP for plastic p$%s.  And if you are honest and you have done the research, you will see just how pathetic that book of hers was – she gathered stuff from google, had a few picnics with him and hallelujah – an accomplished writer.  What kak!   She gave nothing  - she took from him.  And because of that, I have no time for her, as she has no time for me.  The feelings are mutual. 

 Ben Kruger had his spies, I had my spies and James Marx … I never trusted him so shared nothing with him.    It was always a good laugh when Ben and I shared something with one another – and then we would find that we both had the same information and then we could take it as being the truth.  If our information differed, the information was unreliable.
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