Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I never received the letter below – I only received a copy of it closer to the time that Eugene was released.  It was on this letter that I was being advised by Ben and Marx (and always Miempie in the background not wanting to be involved but being involved anyway.  That is why I could say to Ben and Marx, “Fuck that – I will do what I want and if Eugene phones me then I will shut up and until then I will not be stopped”.   Miempie visited EdK from the beginning of his imprisonment .  She was the one person that EdK could have trusted and not TM because he only started visiting EdK three years before his release.  I worked on this case for 7 years.   This is also why I have little time for PP.  She came in right at the end and for her own selfish needs.  I felt throughout his incarceration that the enemy (those working not in his interest – in this case TM) was manipulating the visits and no one was doing things (other than the women I spoke of previously) solely on compassionate grounds.  Everyone who was visiting was there for some bizarre and obscure reason, but NOT for the benefit of this lone prisoner.   And it made me de moer in.  On the many occasions that Ben and I spoke to one another, Ben would always tell me that Eugene was not stupid and that he was in control over TM, PP & Co.    But I knew what an institutionalized brain does to a person – I knew what isolation does to a prisoner.   And that is why I was getting so frustrated with these people who appeared to be doing good and all the ‘thank you’ that landed on our page lauding their service to Eugene. 
To this day I believe that those who have surrounded him (other than the four guards who monitored him 24/7) are not genuine.  The period between May of 2015 and January of 2016 was an exciting and nail-biting time for Ben and me (by this stage I was only tolerating James Marx – he was there only because Ben put him there.  I would never have chosen such a person.  I am a good judge of character and it was proved at the end that James Marx was not the kind of person we needed on board)  It was James who would delete my posts because I was being too truthful.  Well, fuck him now.
Here is the letter the others got that I only saw around December 2015.    
Julian Knight and Associates
Date: 11 MAY 2015
Dear Sirs
1.      The writer hereof acts on the instruction of Eugene Alexander De Kock.
2.      We confirm that you are the administrators of the Facebook Group “Free Eugene De Kock” and this letter is addressed to you in that capacity. (Wonder who he thought I was? So unimportant to them that he could not even address a letter to me)
3.      Namely the
4.      Our client wishes to keep the conditions of his parole confidential but also wishes to thank all of the members of the Facebook group for their assistance and support in the past.
5.      Our client has further instructed ourselves that it has come to his knowledge that the Facebook Group is being used for the purposes of collecting “legal fees “for his release, subsequent to the date of his release namely the 30th January.   (It was Knight was squealing for money via his phone calls to me – telling me that his account was outstanding of R20 000.  However, the advocate had done all the work pro-bono.  Further to this, it was an agreement that Knight do the work for nothing based on the fame he would achieve by taking on a prominent case of a legendary man).
6.      Dianne Lang advised the writer hereof that deposits had been made up to the late of the last Application some two weeks ago.  If this is the case all Fundraising must now stop. (Funny how you know this and it is in May 2015 but release date in January 2016.  When he spoke to me he asked me how much money we had.  I did not know as Miempie controlled the monies coming in and only paid out on instruction from Eugene.  Further to this, Miempie always let one of us know so that we could put a thank you onto the page for the donor.  JK was looking for money to pay the legal fees of the Advocate because the advocate had not been paid a cent yet.  He was very adamant and demanding on the numerous times he called me asking for money – more on the money issue later)
7.      Further to the above, to (sic) our client is concerned regarding comments made by members of the site, that the site is currently being used to advance certain political objectives and/or to reflect Government in a negative way.  (What bullshit)
8.      Whilst our client recognises the rights of citizens to express their views, he is uncomfortable with these views being expressed in his name or that he be associated therewith.
9.      You will no doubt be mindful of the political sensitivity that our client enjoys given his background and the offences for which he was convicted and his conditions of parole.
10.  In the light of this, it would seem that the purpose of the Facebook Group, to free our client has now been achieved and it is our client’s view that there is no further need for it to continue.
11.  We would be pleased if you would kindly advise ourselves what the attitude of the Administrators are with regard to the closure of this Facebook Group is,
Failing which our client will be compelled to take this matter up with Facebook.
12.  We would be pleased if you would kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter.
Yours faithfully

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