Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eugene de Kock - Part 4

Candice Mama & Eugene de Kock 
The phone calls that I was getting from JK were increasing and every time it had to do with money.  Eventually, playing like I was the dumb arse he thought I was, I asked him to email me his account so that I could discuss it with Ben and then we could see what we could do about it.
While waiting for the “account”, lots of other things were going down.  Two women were of great help in getting Eugene care for his eyes, and the other getting him the things he needed.  These women were Nandi and Hannelie.   The prison conditions were ghastly.  He was cold in winter and could only wear white track tops without any markings on them.  The women went to town hunting down white track tops that were in line with the prison rules.   These people who worked behind the scenes are really the unsung heroes.  Not a single shop in the whole of the country had the required tops so a tailor offered to make the two tops and one of the ladies donated the material.  Then the problem was to get the tops to him.  The tops lay in the warden’s office for six months while Eugene had to write for permission to obtain these items. 
Getting Eugene to his eye examinations also presented a problem.  He had to pay for his own guards, the transport and the examination and treatment.  All would be organised from our side and then the guards that we had paid for did not turn up.  The frustrations were getting beyond a joke and I was starting to lose my cool – again behind what I was putting out there.
Eugene’s visitors were also restricted to a certain number per month and per year and those visits had to include the legal visits.  TM was always going and of course, he took PP with him to one of the visits.  EdK’s visits were all booked up for the year but little pussy had to get herself in there and next to him.  This was after I had already explained that visits should be restricted for those who could actually help him instead of just visiting out of curiosity.   While Nandi and Hannelie were working their arses off for Eugene without anyone knowing, this PP was brushing up her ego by getting close to him via another ego conduit, TM.     
EdK was institutionalised and vulnerable and she took advantage of that.  I can’t like her.  After reading her book (in Afrikaans nogal) sent to me by Hannelie, I liked her even less.  
On another level completely, amazing things were happening between the men and women from the various armed forces.  People who were previously enemies  were not only talking to one another, but were also standing up to be counted, with respect and acknowledgement of the roles each played during the Rooi Gewaar years, and as one harmonious voice to ask for pardon for EdK.  Individual and petty problems were set aside and under the universal umbrella of compassion, stood as one in our appeal for a pardon for Eugene.     Truly miraculous things were happening all the time and I was granted a ring side view of the lives of many via inbox.  Those secrets I will take to my grave.  And those who told can be assured of nothing but my utmost respect.   I know when to shut my mouth, believe it or not.

My journey with Eugene started in a hospital bed in England with a book (A human being died that night) and ended 7 years later in a hospital bed in South Africa.  It was one hell of a ride.  I am not going to regurgitate kak that you can read on google – I am going to continue to tell this story as it happened to me and in connection with me.   And only I know what I know and what I don’t know.  What Ben Kruger knows and does not know is the same – we still dance at the same level as we did during what I call “the eye of the storm”- those last 8 months. 
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