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EdK visitng his brother and family for the first time after parole
First let me tell you why we have not heard from Eugene.  He has been guarded with four guards 24/7 and has been unable to do his own thing; hence his two hour incarceration in prison the other week.   He was trying to get himself out of this “witness protection” process and actually be as free as he can be, given his parole restrictions.  This time, JK came to the rescue.  I do not know if JK was paid or not.
The real reason Eugene has not contacted us, even those who he are closest to, is two-fold.  First there was his 24/7guards and then there is his idea that if he makes contact with us, it will make life difficult for us and he is trying to protect us.  Well, bless his heart, but I don’t need protection.
The more time that went past, the more crap that I was getting from JK regarding Eugene (because he said a lot of words that meant nothing), the more frustrated I became.  Then a few of us pulled together to free Eugene ourselves.  The integrity of these few people who were prepared to put their lives on the line to free him speaks volumes.  We knew the difficulty, we knew the layout, we knew the problems we would encounter and we knew the punishment or otherwise that we would be facing if the plan failed.  It is so sad that this part of the story never got to reach the ears of even Ben – there are people out there that were prepared to bring Eugene out of prison and hide him for an indefinite period of time.  That I call determination and dedication to make sure that one of our soldiers were not  left behind.
A lot of energy and organising went into that.  The only thing I told Ben was that “I think we should go in and take him out ourselves”   He nearly had a heart attack on the spot.  “Don’t even think about it MC” he said – giving me the same story of how close we were to his parole.  I, of course, was happy to run with it, but only until a certain date.  If the judge did not grant him his parole, we were going to take him out ourselves.  It was a decision that had already been  taken.  Every single thing that I had tried had not worked, so the final deadline was the judgement of the judge at his final parole hearing. 
For those who do not remember, there were many parole hearings and the reasons that they were denied were varied, but the one just before the last one is what sent our blood pressure soaring.   The reason given was that he had not spoken to all his victims.  That was a blatant lie.  The fact that the Correctional Services had not made adequate note of his dealings with his victims was a disgrace.  For me personally, I felt that they were using Eugene as a scapegoat for everything bad in a white man while Mandela was being paraded around as everything good in a black man.  To think that the highest decorated policeman ever in South Africa, Eugene, was languishing in a prison for no other reason than political and racist reasons was abhorrent to me.  Our plan to hijack and hide Eugene was fool proof – no one would ever have found him.   In retrospect, I am sorry we did not go through with our plan.  The prison conditions were appalling.  He was often ill with flu or bronchitis and his eyes were a constant source of concern.   Giving what went down from before the final announcement by the judge on his parole, I truly am sorry we did not take him out ourselves.  At least then we could have nurtured him and given him space and time to heal without guards, TM and PP hanging around.
JK was still calling me and asking me for money to pay the outstanding bill. And because I was pretending to be doff, I asked him to email me the statement and I would discuss it with our committee to see if we had enough to pay him.   He was evading the actual amount, but the following emails are the kinds of emails I was getting; trying to show me that huge amounts of money were outstanding.   I also found his approach to the parole conditions completely wrong – I made it my business to know the law on prisoners and parole so it did give me some right (although I only voiced this to Ben) to say that I believed he was fucking Eugene’s chances up.
I include some self-explanatory emails that were being used to keep me guessing while they kept on asking for money:

Julian Knight 
21 April 2015 at 13:57
Hi Dianne

Please see the email that I sent  to Piet Croucamp. I was under the
impression that he was handling the money situation.

I doubt whether there is sufficient money to cover the total bill but what I
suggested was that we see how much has been collected and then negotiate
with counsel regarding his fee.

As for the last weeks work Gene had R10 000.00 paid in .R1000.00 went the
sheriff for urgent service and copies.

Counsel and I spent 2 full days in court. This excludes the drafting the day

We are meeting with Gene tomorrow .I however don't know what is going on and
still have not received his parole conditions.

In short I don't know what to say about getting Gene out and what we will
still need to do.I am enclosing for your information a copy of the

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards


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(Honestly, what the fuck did TM have to do with anything.  TM made the media portray him as being the only person who had visited and stuck by him for 20 years.  What crap.  TM only came into the fray four or so years after I started the group.  And of course, he brought PP in towards the end)

-----Original Message-----
From: Julian Knight []
Sent: 13 February 2015 03:45 PM
To: Croucamp, Piet
Subject: Emailing: _150206131643

Dear Piet,

Advocate Roelof Du Plessis contacted me to ask what the situation was with
regard to the payment of his account or a portion thereof is.

Can you please let me know what the situation is regarding this  .

Best regards


We are building up to a crisis – in fact, more than one, but I will share that with you in another part.