Monday, September 26, 2016


If you have only joined the story now at Part 5, I suggest you go back to Part 1 and read because certain people had certain code names.   Another thing, enough time has gone by that what I share makes no difference at all.  We are still (I hope) a group with integrity and compassion – although there is always a rat in the mix.  I hope that the rats get trapped into cages never to see the light of day. May they experience even one third of the trauma that Eugene de Kock suffered in prison. 
In May2015, it was discussed (between me, Ben and Marx) whether to start slowing down the nagging and letter writing process regarding Eugene de Kock’s parole.  I cannot remember the words verbatim, but it went somewhere along the lines of it being dangerous/political and maybe detrimental to Eugene; and maybe we were making it more difficult for him.   Now I have never met Eugene, except when he phoned me many months later… but that is another story.    It was suggested that I temper down my posts and try to stay calm and smooth the waters.  Well, me being me, I thought that was for the birds and balls to the wall I said “Not a fuck!!!  We carry on until Eugene de Kock tells me with his own mouth to stop”.   From that date to the date when the world heard about his parole – a million and one things happened.  I could write a book on it all that would make Jansen’s book pale in comparison.  It was cloak and dagger – there were spies, double-agents and spooks.  I did not even trust Ben and certainly did not trust Marx – We all had our own informers in various places.  So I would act dumb until I was told something of an extremely sensitive nature and would very calmly say, “I know – I heard it week before last”.  Shit, I loved doing that to the main dudes that counted.
I was not getting better and spending a lot of time in hospital.   Eugene’s story because the reason for me to get up in the morning.  Often, it was my dedication and hate of injustice that pushed me to  the point of exhaustion…straight back into hospital… but would at the same time move me back into the stream of life.  My life has always been to live for something bigger than myself, and Eugene’s situation was indeed bigger than myself.  Not for a moment did I believe that I could have taken that small little group of three to where we went and how we got there.  It is very sad that we were forced to delete everything from our group page because that would have been a fantastic book.  But more on the reason for that will be revealed at a later stage.   I was driven and determined.  I could not let one day go by without doing some research, making one phone call, writing another letter, motivating the group or speaking with the president’s office.   I entertained officials of the ANC in my bedroom – begging and pleading for a pardon or at least a parole.   I knew things long before anyone else, although Ben would get direct info on Eugene; I was getting info from the political sphere.   The story gets more interesting from here – so stay with me while I spill the beans on treacherous behaviour from where it was least expected. 

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