Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eugene de Kock : Part Three

To continue to tell the story, I have to put myself into it.  I was known as MC – Merc Chick.  I don’t remember who gave me that name but it kind of stuck.   As you know, we were constantly looking for money or ways to make money to pay for legal fees for Eugene – and of course, we flooded the president’s office (I refuse to use capital letters now) with reams of paper.  I phoned that office so many times that all six secretaries recognised my name and would say “Hello Dianne, are you phoning about de Kock again?”   And of course, I would answer, “As long as Eugene de Kock is in prison I will not stop phoning you”.   I did get one letter and one call from that office – The office of the Presidency!   Well, the letter was a typical political letter saying a lot of words that said nothing. The phone call I received was a little more funny.  “Please Dianne, tell your people to stop sending emails because we have to print out every one and we don’t have paper”.  They had boxes and boxes of our emails.  Thank you to everyone who helped me with that exercise. 
While I am on the subject of the president, let me mention to you that I still feel that Eugene de Kock deserves a Presidential Pardon.  Asking the eejit we have is pointless, but as soon as we have another one, I would like you to help me appeal for a Presidential Pardon for Eugene.  I think that this would be one good reason for keeping this group going. 
Table Mountain was an unreliable person – he never, ever did what he promised to do and the 14 t-shirts that were to be signed by EdK and given to Hendrik Fouche to auction never moved from TM’s place.  He saw EdK many times, he made many promises to me to get the shirts signed, but never did a thing.  But I soon learned how to use him to my advantage – I allowed him to think I was a crazy mad fool and I played that game with him.   And when PP could not get to EdK via me, she went to him.  And he took her in.  You have obviously gathered by now that I had no time for those two. 
To cut a long story short, I eventually managed to get Hannelie to collect the shirts from TM and to keep them with her for when she could see him, but in the meantime, Hendrik had paid for two of the shirts and it was weighing me down that I was not seeing this situation to an end.  Two of the shirts belonged to Hendrik and the next 12 shirts were going to be auctioned so that Eugene would have money when he came out of prison – at least he would have had an income for the first 12 months via the shirts.   Ben Kruger paid for the shirts and also paid for the initial lot of bumper stickers.  I paid for an additional 14 shirts that I had sent by courier to Hendrik.  I know that everyone thought that James was doing such a great job of posting the bumper stickers with his own money … I raise my eyebrows because I was doing that all along, including posting shirts around the country.  And as I am sure you know, I slide through life on the smell of an oil rag – where the money came from for me to do those things the good Lord only knows.

Remember the money for the next instalment is going to be very interesting.   About 8 months before the closure of the group I received a phone call from JK. (If you don’t know who the people are that I mention by their nicknames, then please read the other sections in sequence; part 1, then part 2 and so on)   The question of money came up – how much money did the group have to give him (JK).   Obviously TM had informed JK of how dim I was so JK also treated me like a dimwit, but that suited the agenda.  And it paid off big time.  I was becoming an excellent agent and would have made a fantastic Mata Hari in a previous life.  
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