Monday, September 12, 2016

Give us back our land - I am white!!!!

I am a shit stirrer of note - a brilliant activist always in the shit ... those not in the shit are just armchair warriors who could not or would not get their arses off the chair for anything or anyone. FFS ... met lots of them in my time in this virtual world. But it is not my fault that I am a shit stirring activist. It is the white man's fault - he took away my human rights when he made the land of my birth independent and made me a foreign national, needing a permit to reside in my birth place where my ancestors were born. No fuck this ... blame it on the whites who ran the country. Not the whites that suffered under their rule. Time to wake up and smell the roses. Not all whites were privileged. Some whites can also shout, "Give us back our land"... hey Julius ... come get a history lesson from me, you too clever fat cat. NOW ... ANC ... give us white people back our land ... It is time to tell our own truths in this racist, communist country. And I intend to tell mine. If you have a story and you can't write it and you also had your land removed or suffered particularly harse treatment after independence, tell me. I am going to tell a lot of these stories. I am going to become Julias's nightmare.
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