Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Whites are rich and they own all the land.

Over the last 20 years, white people have accepted that this is a country that belongs to the black man and we have not fought any battle, overtly or otherwise, over our right to live in this land.  We have accepted with gratitude that we have been allowed to stay and, and the few that have been allowed to contribute to the governing of our land, have done so without much courage or determination.   We are partly to blame for the on-going militant attitudes of those who hate white people because we do nothing about it.  We do not stand up and say “Enough”.   We have done nothing of importance in 20 years, not even to fight with determination, sacrifice or hardship to stop laws that are being passed that are based on race.  Many white people apologise for apartheid, even though they had nothing to do with orchestrating or maintaining it.   They walk around with their heads bowed in shame and they continue to take the racist slurs and comments meted out to them.  Dehumanising crimes and stereotyping such as “whites are rich” and “whites own all the land”, influenced and inflamed by laws discriminating against whites, for example; AA and BEEE continue unabated without any resistance from us.  Like lambs to the slaughter we go. 
I have been duped.  I have believed in a compassionate, reconciled nation built on our shared humanity and respect for one another.   And I have fought every white man who bemoaned his fate after 1994.   Now I find I am fighting the born-free people who are ignorant of what happened in the past.  They think that the blacks brought about the transformation from apartheid to democracy by military victory, and they have defeated the whites.  They think the whites are lying on the floor begging for mercy. (Nelson Mandela).  How wrong they are!!  They never defeated us.  Through intimidation and torture, they coerced their own people to disrupt the government to make it ungovernable.   And while that was going on, FW de Klerk was holding talks with Nelson Mandela and coaching him to take over as President.  Who is so stupid as to think that someone can come out of prison after 27 years and walk out a Statesman and President?  It takes years of training and re-education to get back into society after the dehumanising and institutionalizing that takes place when a prisoner is held for a long time. 
It is all about selective oral history:  The history that is told to the born-free people that suits the ANC mandate and their profile.   It would not suit the ANC to remind people that it was white people who went to vote so all could vote.  The result was an overwhelming YES from white people and from that point on, the negotiations regarding the take-over of the previous government by the ANC started.   Now I am again confused.  I see more and more communist thinking and dealings going on and I wonder if the ANC was not just a front for the SACP? 
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