Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Israel vs Palestine

This Palestine and Israel stuff is all over the net with lots of hate speech and threats.  It seems that it is popular to stand on one side or the other and shout our mouths off or copy and paste bullshit that we find on the net.  What a waste of time!  If you are a Palestinian – go fight in your own country for what you want.  If you are an Israeli – go fight in Israel for what you want.
I will not get involved because a) hate breeds hate and b) to judge without walking in someone's shoes is the height of stupidity and c) shouting my mouth off won't make one iota of difference and d) from a hell of a lot of reading I can see both sides of the coin. 
Why do South African's get involved with this when our own fucking country is falling down around our ears? Would it not be better to use the energy that hate produces towards at least trying to make our own people and our own country better for all of us?  And would it not do a lot more good if we stopped slandering and stirring up more hate in our world?

Not even on this issue will I take sides – I will walk my own path so that I can look at myself at night, knowing that I did what I could to make my own people, in my own family, in my own neighbourhood, in my own province and in my own country a little happier.  I am again swimming against the tide.