Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I don't have the time to die right now ....

When I still had boobs. 
I know I have bitten off more than I can chew ... but what the fuck. I will die with my boots on. However, I need your help and every one of you can help me. Heaven's Missing Angels is in need of wool (that stuff you knit with). Any kind of wool, whole balls, small balls, pieces as long as a metre or pieces you can wrap around your finger. This wool will be used to knit beanies, scarves and jerseys for children in need. And the knitters - they will be those little old ladies who sit day after day with no visitors in old age homes and who have nothing to do or to live for. So ... this project will help the oldies feel needed and at the same time the children will be warm next winter. I have been given a suitcase of needles ... now we need the wool. Do you have any or could you please ask others if they have scraps of wool for us. I live in Central so it is easy for you to drop it off here - the only problem is that I will drop my keys down using a fishing rod and you will have to let yourself in and come up the stairs. I can't walk the stairs anymore. (Come on my FB friends - be courageous and share this post.
The other thing I am doing is working on a new mission : Justice for Heinrich van Rooyen. I believe he is innocent and that he was set up. This cause will also take some balls because there are those who would do harm to make sure the truth does not come out. But fuck that too! Ek skrik vir niks.
Then ... I have a court case on the go regarding a mauling by a dog. That too requires a lot of work. 
And in-between I am trying to write and publish my books.  So if you want to help me, then buy Shattered and buy Freedom for your Soul.  The other books will be published as I get them done.   They are all non-fiction.   The pen is mightier than the sword.
Every second Tuesday I spend in hospital for IVIG. And after that I am (wo)man down for a day or two so if you don’t see me on FB, it does not mean that I have forsaken any cause or anyone.
I also belong to and am admin on a number of support groups for people with rare diseases – because I am one of them.   There is always someone on a support group that needs some encouragement. 
On the 31st October Algoa FM is having their 5 km walk for Cancer.  I will be walking and alternating with someone pushing me in a wheelchair as I get too tired.  I will be walking for everyone with rare cancers and am raising funds for Rare Diseases South Africa.   I will be walking/riding with a mask on because I have to live in a sterile environment 24/7.

Holy mother of God … I really don’t have the time to die right now.  This is not even my whole list of what I do from my bed.