Monday, October 5, 2015

If God is your co-pilot, swap seats

Everyone has the ability to see the spiritual road signs and to experience the divine protection of our Father. But few can. Everybody ‘thinks’ he can do so, but when it suddenly projects itself into his presence, he denies it. He is given the opportunity and shown the way by internal and external signposts, but he denies it. Perhaps he did not actually want it anyway. And so the opportunity passes him by. And if the person who passes his opportunity up is not smart enough to let the whole thing go and move on, he will spend years explaining how he was justified in not taking the opportunity when it came by. 
You need to be in a place of alertness, ready to move with, or accept, the good messages which come your way, which you asked for, no matter how or when it comes into your path. “Watch, for you know not when He cometh”. He comes ‘as a thief in the night’, in the silence and when least expected. The unexpected always happens. ‘Watching’ is not looking for the manifestation of your desires. It is watching the ‘one-hour’ which is so important in the fulfilment of a desire. “Can you not watch with me one hour?” Can you not be aware, awake and vigilant? Stay in the awareness that nothing is impossible; stay vigilant so that you see the opportunities and the protection and the guidance when it happens. Keep the consciousness of “IT IS DONE” and the thing that the world calls a miracle will happen. 

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