Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I will not apologise for being "white". Heil Malema !!!

Heil Malema 
We are a bunch of sheep.  We have not fought back with determination, sacrifice or hardship.  Every time you keep quiet, every time you allow yourself to be treated as less than; to be treated with disrespect, you are allowing the disrespect.   We whites are now going to have to work harder and smarter and gather our resources so that we can start claiming and owning what is rightfully ours.  If we were born here, then this is also our land.  Stop walking around with your head hanging down, asking forgiveness for your colour.  We are, with our pale skins, not aliens or foreigners to this soil.   We claim the right to be here based on the fact that we were born here.   How can we allow people like Malema to publically “warn whites” at a gathering of 50 000 uneducated fools and let him get away with it?   He is a dangerous little man because he uses the most stupid people to do his bidding, destructively and violently.  How can we not oppose the race-based laws that are pushed through parliament like the AA and BEEE?  Are we so humiliated that we now wear the cloak of fear?  Perhaps Malema’s fear of whites is what makes him spew out white hate-speech left right and centre.
The  ANC/SACP/EFF is destroying our dignity; and the DA are ineffectual at combating the undeserved hatred for all whites, irrespective of whether they voted for or upheld the policies of the National Party.  We have to claim our dignity back and become part of the human race in South Africa.  And that also means that we have to take responsibility too for the mess our country is in.  If there is dirt on the street, why do we not take a broom and go and clean it up?  There are many ways of killing a cat and using a bullet is not the only way.  We must do this thoughtfully and intentionally by each and every one of us starting to behave as native to this country. 
From my limited view (and only my opinion), the majority of our dark skinned brothers do not have a problem with white or mixed race people in our country.  It is the uneducated masses that will follow Malema like the Nazi’s followed Hitler.   They just don’t have the mental facility or the know how to work out a view of life for themselves, without being told by some crazy fool who reminds me of the talented deceiver, Rasputin. 
Of course we can’t change this fuck-up overnight, but there are little things that every white person in this country can do.  We can show our humanness by behaving towards others with respect.   Respect earns respect. 
If you do not speak the indigenous language for the area you are living in, and then just start by learning how to greet others in their language.  Use that greeting whenever you walk past someone with a darker skin.  Put a smile on your face.   Like a stone thrown into a pond, that greeting and smile will spread outwards in ever larger circles.  We, each one of us, can start making ourselves count in our own land.   Our brothers all know how to speak either English or Afrikaans.  How many of us have ever taken the trouble to learn one of their languages?   You never know but that smile and that greeting can change the mind of a would-be thief or hijacker from targeting you.  I have experience of that – it is true.

I will hold my head up high.  I will not be ashamed of the colour of my skin. I will not walk with my eyes downcast, being grateful for being allowed to stay in this country. I will NOT apologise for being white.   I will NOT apologise for apartheid.  I did not plan it, uphold it or put it into practice.  I will not be a lamb to the slaughter. I will fight on every front for the dignity that every one of us is entitled to – it is in our Constitution that we are entitled to be treated with dignity.  But we must earn it to by standing up and taking responsibility for ourselves, those around us and for our neighbourhoods.  This is how we will weaken the Malema sewage that is being thrown at the unwise and the foolish.  One person at a time. 
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