Friday, October 9, 2015

Shattered ... some stories are too true to tell; this is one of them.

The incredible strength and resilience of the human soul is told in this true story of how a rare disease, a dysfunctional family and an uninformed medical doctor collided to create devastating chaos that would leave a family ruined forever.

A snippet: 

When you give someone a book … you are not giving them ink, paper and glue.  You are giving them the possibility of a whole new life.
We have all been the betrayer and the betrayed.  If we cannot acknowledge this, we will find ourselves unforgiving and cruel, unable to grieve for the times that we have betrayed ourselves.
Sometimes to choose life, we must break agreements with ourselves and with others.
The separation of spirit and matter leaves us with a spirituality that lacks the fire of the physical expressions of our hearts and souls.  To devalue the physical perpetuates the split between matter and spirit.
To insist that my truth or your truth have no meeting place, that we do not need to look or consider someone else’s perspective … to be unable to imagine that I could be wrong about what I think or see or feel … is to invite narcissistic chaos into our lives.

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