Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Different Kind of Race

In 1856, Ivan Turgenev wrote: "There is nothing more excruciating than the realization that one has just committed an act of stupidity".
Have I committed an act of stupidity to have asked a friend to sign me up for the 5km Cancer Walk at the end of this month? I can't walk from my bedroom to the loo without losing my breath - but I so badly want to be out there in the stream of life. Living in a sterile environment is like living in a prison. I dream of feeling the wind against my skin, walking and laughing with others. It does not matter if the sun shines or it rains, I would love to feel part of the human race again.
I wonder if Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer will accept a participant in a mask and a wheelbarrow (which I call my wheelchair) when I can't walk any further?
Was this an act of stupidity or was it a step towards a dream? Maybe it is just a stupid dream.

But on second thoughts, if I don’t try then I am a failure.  If I try and fail, I only failed at that task.  Bring it on!!!  Inshallah