Sunday, October 25, 2015

Don't thank me; thank the Pope I'm here.

My late mother-in-law had a saying that she used continuously when people thanked her for anything.  She would say, “Don’t thank me.  Thank the pope I am here”. 
 My late father-in-law was an Anglican Vicar.   They had a house-helper by the name of Rosie.
My husband (at the time) and I were invited to dinner because the Bishop was coming to dinner and it was going to be a very auspicious and dignified meal.   Those days, I was a very quiet and shy person so no one was worried that I would say the wrong thing.
Almost at the end of the meal, my father-in-law asked Rosie to please bring the jam as he always ended his meal with a half a slice of bread and jam.
Rosie duly went to the kitchen to bring back the jam.
“Thank you Rosie”, he said.
“Don’t thank me.  Thank my poepol I’m here”, she said.
Needless to say, my father and mother-in-law were mortified, my husband just opened his eyes in shock, and the Bishop pretended he had not heard.

I, of course, could not stop laughing.  I had to excuse myself as the tears ran down my cheeks, holding onto my crotch to stop myself from pissing in my pants with laughter, while I left the dining room.