Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unlucky Part 13 on EdK

My hands shake as I write this after receiving a phone call from someone living in another country.  I am angry that so many people have been threatened with death because of what I write.  It does not matter what country you live in, your life is in danger if you tramp on the wrong toes.  People disappear, they commit suicide, they have accidents.  What are “they” afraid of?  Why are “they” afraid of me telling the story behind the story?  I have only told the truth and still, I am not even a quarter of the way through what really happened.
Why don’t “they” threaten me?  When people are threatened with death, one has to sit up and take things seriously.  I am also very angry that the threats are made to those I care about and not to me.  Why do they not tell me to stop writing?  Eugene is not free and for his sake and the sake of those I love, I will no longer be telling the story behind the story. I have been warned to stop.  I will stop on this subject, but my fuck, I am angry.  Those who dripped poison into Eugene’s ears – their poison will evaporate; he never will know the truth about me either.    The reason the original site was shut down so quickly overnight is because Eugene (I could hear JK in the background) told me to shut it down immediately.  My request to give it a week got a “no” answer. That phone call was not a very ‘nice’ phone call. Poison can go everywhere. Hence, the quickest thing we could do was change the name and delete everything ever said about Eugene.  And now, I have to shut my mouth on this issue.  May God protect Eugene and all those who have been threatened.  I am truly silenced on this issue now. 
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