Saturday, October 8, 2016

Those Commies - dangerous folk

I have always been someone who abhors labelling people by the colour of their skin or by any other classification, but enough is now enough.   Racism is built into every facet of our society.  We have race-based laws.  Our government promotes racism, and if they are not promoting it, they are ignoring it because it fits their political agenda.  Julius did not pop up on his own – he was schooled as part of the long term planning of the SACP/ANC. If this were not true, then the ANC would have sorted him out before he got to this point.  His unruly behaviour has swayed many young people to behave with no respect to people or property and who have a “give me” mentality.  These are the kind of people who would sell their mothers without a problem.  That is what the commissars of Russia did.
White people are the only people who are racist and the only people who are taken to task or to court for making racist remarks.  Black people, on the other hand, can say what they hell they like.  They can say they are going to kill whites; that white blood is going to spill; the rhetoric regarding race is everywhere you look or read. 
Nelson Mandela said:  Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another.  But that is exactly what is happening.  If white people do not realize it, they are very stupid.  Whites are in the minority.  And the race based laws are in place so that the minority have less and are not treated equally.   Where did the Bill of Rights go to?  . 
What the hell do these young blacks have to be frightened of that they have to spew out hatred and animosity towards us? This anger of theirs is born from their fear.
There are not even enough of us to be a threat to them, so what is their problem? 
I would like to hang FW from the nearest flag pole for selling us out to the SACP. The fact that he got a Nobel peace prize devalues the Nobel prize completely.  All this race based shit we deal with is commie shit.   The communist under the ANC flag.  And it suits the political agenda for the ANC to allow these types of things to happen. Just look at the number of communist words that we use in this country.  It is comrade this and comrade that; it is commissar this and commissar that. Look at the word parastatal.  The Oxford dictionary defines it as a word used to describe a company or organization which is owned by a country’s government and often has some political power.  I had never heard of a parastatal until about 15 years ago.  Do EFF people even know that the name commissar (which they call one another) was used to describe a secret police force who would more often than not, report anyone who said anything negative about the Russian government and the poor victim would either be sent to the gulag or he would be executed immediately.   

FeesMustFall is just another one of those ridiculous situations where a few threaten the many.  Most students want to be educated – the criminal and communist element amongst them is turning FeesMustFall into another racial event.  Are we going to have a repeat of the 80’s when all universities are burned down?   The burning of the schools led to an entire generation of uneducated people.  We are now going down the same road.   Do these commie bastards not know that communism was a class based fight and had nothing to do with colour?   Most whites are quiet; they walk around with their heads down, trying not to draw attention to themselves, ashamed of the colour of their skin.  They don’t stand up and fight back.  They don’t take the race hate speakers to court.  They don’t open up cases with the police about it.  We are sitting on an effing time bomb.

A News 24 comment called “Baskets of bitterness” reports that “In South Africa, there are two groups of increasingly bitter people: those who expected things to get better immediately when apartheid ended and those who wish they could have all the privileges they gave up when apartheid ended.

I think that is bullshit.  I believe that the communists are the problem.  They don’t even know much about communism – they think that it was a race based ideology.  They don’t even know that it was about class.  And just as in Russia, the ones at the top get richer and richer and the ones at the bottom get poorer and poorer.  These young people spewing hate need to be arrested and locked up and given some education from the inside of a prison cell.

I used to feel that the words ‘black’ and ‘white’ should not enter a conversation.  People are people, no matter what colour they are.  But I have had enough of this ineffectual president who gives us the finger and his side-kick Malema who rolls around in money.  I have had enough of people being vilified because of skin colour.  I have had enough of this shit and I am going to fight back.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I can only be an armchair (bed actually) warrior, but I will do my best to give what I get.   
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