Monday, October 3, 2016


Picture taken while still in prison but helping prosecutors (illegal photo)
Eugene was missing !!!! And no one knew where he was, where he had gone to; his family had not heard from him and his clothing was still in his cell.  Three months went by and still no one knew where he was.  Obviously I was beside myself with worry because it could quite easily have been that he had been taken out and his lawyer, JK, did not even know where his client was.  It was then that I contacted Conrad.  Most of my dealings with Conrad was by mobile phone while Ben and Conrad Kruger communicated via email.
Apart from making my daily phone call and my daily email to the presidency, I was also getting myself involved in anything that I thought might help Eugene in any way.  I remember phoning and then writing to the Shadow Minister of Correctional Services.  He was a total waste of time, telling me that the law had to take its course and there was nothing he could do.  I found that a pathetic excuse for a Member of Parliament.  My frustration level was beyond description.  No one seemed to be taking me seriously.  PP would also not respond when I tried to friend her on FB (she blocked me) or inboxing her.
I hunted down Adriaan Vlok and got his home telephone number.  I phoned him a couple of times, but the first phone call is stuck in my memory.  When I asked him if he could do anything  to help Eugene, he told me that Eugene could rot in jail – quick off the mark, I said that I hoped HE rotted in hell.  Such a heated argument I realized would not assist me in getting information on Eugene so the following evening, putting my pride in my pocket, I played the Christian role – the one that Adriaan played.  I reminded him about washing the feet of Frank Chikane and then asked if he thought that Eugene too could not be given a second chance.  All I got from him was a promise to pray for Eugene.  I felt like saying that his prayers were too poisonous, but left it at that.  Not even my contact in DCS knew where he had gone to other than telling me that 3 men took him out of his cell and never returned him.  All Eugene's belonging were still in his cell. Trying to deal with TM was a waste of time.  He knew nothing other than the fact that he still held our t-shirts.  His promises were pie crusts, melting in the mouth before taking a bite.  It was at this point that I found out that he had only recently been visiting EdK and NOT since he had been in prison as the media wrote.    

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