Monday, October 10, 2016

Cannabis Oil - The Elephant in the Room

The mere mention of cannabis oil by people who know nothing about it and insist that I will be cured of my cancer, pisses on my battery.
I think I have some experience and can say a few things about cannabis oil that perhaps not everyone knows.   There are too many cases of people claiming that cannabis oil cured their cancer.  Let us look at this logically.  We are all individuals and we all react differently to different chemicals and we all have various kinds of cancer and illnesses.  To make a claim that cannabis oil cures cancer is irresponsible and highly dangerous.  Not all people react the same way to any medication, natural or not.  The cannabis oil I have been on for three years has helped with my pain, my sleep and my nausea, but done eff-all for my cancer. 
To make 5ml of cannabis oil the correct way…with a low content of THC (the part that makes you feel warm and fuzzy) and a high CBD levels (the part that heals) costs approximately R300.
My point it this:  People are playing into the cancer patient’s fear of death and selling them cannabis oil that has been mixed with a number of other oils, making it less effective.  People become desperate to be cured and they will spend their last penny and borrow money and put themselves into debt in a wild and desperate bid to stop the cancer from growing.  My problem is with the middleman who usually is only in the business to make money.  My problem also is the empirically suspect claims of a cure of this or that ailment.   I know people who pay up to R1800 for 3ml of cannabis oil.  I personally feel that it is criminal to sell something that grows wild at those prices; the exorbitant prices paid for such small amounts boils down to only two things.  1.Greed and 2. because the growing of cannabis is illegal.  The cost goes up because of the danger pay – you could go to jail for growing or transporting the raw material needed to produce the medicinal oil.

The most potent form of cannabis is called hash/shatter.  It costs around R900 in South Africa.   It lasts longer than the oil.  It is like toffee and needs to be kept in the deepfreeze.  While it is still frozen, the smallest amount is chipped off and you ingest that.  However, after much research I have found that one ounce of cannabis can make 3ml of shatter and it does not cost anywhere near R300 to produce in your own kitchen.  Over the next few days I am going to take you on a journey of discovery - one that will shock the socks off you. 
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