Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I am a contributor in the book #Ibaredmychest

Here is a snippet of what my chapter is like: After a year a friend took me to a shop that specialised in prosthetics for mastectomies. I walked out that shop with my shoulders back and the bra and prosthetics against my skin. Suddenly I felt like a female again. I love the fact that my clothes fit me better; I love the fact that my stomach looks smaller but I hate those prosthetic things. For some reason I can’t stand to look at them. They are jelly-like wobbly bits of silicone. Imagine a man ripping off your bra in the heat of passion and one boob plops on the ground and then the other plops on the other side. I think I will do it with the bra on…If I ever get lucky again.  For more info on the 21 women from 21 countries who have contributed to this book, click on the link below: