Friday, January 6, 2017

Wrapping a Fire with Paper

Last week, a minister of religion (excuse the lack of capital letters) came to see me at home.  I don’t use capital letters for things I have no respect for.  He is a staunch ANC supporter.  I had The Long March and Mao’s Great Famine on my bed.  He showed interest and asked to borrow one.  I asked him if he knew that the SACP were pulling the strings of the ANC.  “I am a communist”, he responded.  I was gobsmacked.  “Then you are not a minister because God and communism are mutually exclusive”, I said. “The leader is worshiped, not some invisible being”. His argument with me was based on lack of knowledge.  I lent him the book although in retrospect I am sorry I did that.  I hope it is returned.
For years I have been studying the Soviet Union’s history of communism in an attempt to understand how communism fits into South Africa. My bookshelves are filled with books on communism and my head contains more than the sum total of those books. 
Twenty-two years down the line from “Freedom”, we are importing the Chinese like there is no tomorrow.  Our mineral rights are being sold to them  – our language has many Russian/Communist words and terms used.  Our president wants our children to learn Mandarin. We have comrades, commissars and parastatals amongst other terms.  Do our government officials even know what a commissar was in Russia?  Commissars were nothing more than impimpi’s.  The communists in our country are going to turn our land into a land of whisperers, where everyone will be too afraid to say anything. 
Our Generals of the SADF could have taken, not only South Africa, but every country on the continent in less than two weeks.  When I think of what FW de Klerk did by getting rid of all the generals and how he sold us down the river, I find it hard to feel peaceful.  My very soul demands that I speak out.  There was no such thing as the Swart Gewaar.  It was the Rooi Gewaar (Red danger) that needed to be eliminated, not the ANC.
I know that Cuba and Russia helped the ANC and that they may feel obliged to reciprocate, but not at the expense of ruining our land and taking away our freedom.  The people who really rule our land are the SACP.  They hide behind the ANC because it would be political suicide in world politics to have the hammer and sickle covering the ANC flag. 

The ANC promises and our wonderful Constitution are like toilet paper – to be used to cover the sh#t.  The ANC propaganda machine is trying to wrap up a fire in paper.  The injustices people suffer will demand an outlet, sooner or later. 
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