Friday, January 6, 2017

Cowboys and Progressives

The Liberal used to be someone one could admire - a person who showed leadership where there was staunch opposition to change, especially when change was desperately needed. Most Classic Liberals used to be political moderates
. They formed a central core that linked Left and Right. Then they sold out to the Left. Since the 1970s the Liberal has been no more than a suckerfish attached to the giant shark of the Left. Leftism was automatically defined as being progressive. Moderacy was rejected as an impediment to progress. Radical change became the only answer. Revolution became chic. For the Left it was normal for the gutters to run knee deep with blood as long as the leaders were cool. When an ideology goes unquestioned it will eventually develop into a psychosis. It becomes increasingly removed from Reality. The absurd becomes the norm. Mad men and women arise as leaders. They develop a cult following. Their monstrous absurdities are chanted by the masses. Those with any sense of Reality left, either become the outcasts and/or the enemy. Rome burns but everyone is happy. Merkel destroys Germany but only 15 percent of the population openly opposes her. All across Western Europe life is systematically stripped away and turned into a permission-transgression system. Do not attempt to do anything before asking for permission. I you did so without asking, you have transgressed. Please show us your permit. It is well known that institutions take on a life beyond the individual. Eventually the question needs to be asked: who is in control of the Institution? If the Institution is large enough, the disquieting answer that may be returned is no one. Hence, Institutions may operate beyond Democracy, especially when they are democracies themselves.

The European intellectual elite is obsessed with the idea of Control. Europe never has known true Freedom. Servitude as vassals morphed into the monstrosity that is the European Union. Kings and queens stills strut around, hand in hand with the great trading families. The American Revolution shook the foundations of Europe more intellectually, than did the French Revolution. Robespierre purged through extremism. These revolutionaries saw themselves as novel, yet at their foundation they were no different from the fanatical priests of the Spanish Inquisition. Anyone that questioned them was brutalized and/or murdered. The American Revolution showed that Free men and women not united under the banner of Liberty, but of Fraternity, could challenge the edifice of centralized power. As Equals, farmers and noblemen who volunteered, they upstaged a world power. And from the fruits of their revolt was born the Republican Constitution – a device that assured the Individual freedom in the face of the majority! The Founding Fathers understood that any democracy can be manipulated to achieve a desired outcome, even outcomes contrary to the interests of the citizens. Europe is obsessed with the good behavior of the citizen. Do not step off the pavement before the light goes green. On the other side of the Atlantic Americans are using a Hellcat to fire live rounds at the Big Sandy Shoot. Two vastly different cultures emerged. The one emphasized the possibilities the individual has to offer; the other remained obsessed with collective action. From the latter mindset was born the Communist imperative as the Final Solution of Socialism. For the other the Cowboy rides tall, fiercely and proudly independent, yet so strongly connected morally and ethically to his fellow man to storm the beaches of Normandy.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall no effort has been spared to rip the Cowboy from his saddle. The Communists from the Soviet Union were welcomed with open arms within the academic institutions of Western Europe. The unification of Germany speeded up the process with Germany becoming the lynchpin of the European Union, supported by the French Marxists. Since the 1970s the Left has dominated European institutions, with the Liberals ensuring that the balance remained tipped in that direction. The US did not remain immune to the perversions of the Left as it still seeks intellectual guidance from Europe. The Communists of Europe were warmly welcomed into American academic institutions since the 1990s. The product is an academic elite hostile to its own citizens! The anointment of Hillary Clinton was to have been the crowning moment of this subversive movement. She united every perversion produced by the European and American Left under her banner of Democrat. What they did not count on was the Cowboy in every American.

The destruction of Individual Liberty may have been averted in the US for the time being, but the Left is a permanent cancer. It has stayed true to form when it gets its teeth kicked in: it goes quiet. In fact, it redoubles its effort in the quiet. Please check what children are being taught in classrooms now. See the curriculum. Examine the assumptions of said curriculum. Conservatives must take responsibility for this state of affairs! The arrogant, passive attitude toward a virulent enemy treated as an amusing, misguided child is a destructive dead end! In fact, the problem runs deeper. When defense of the ideas of the Left is considered a Conservative stance. Imagine a world without the Constitution in which the Left runs rampant. Maybe we only have to turn our eyes to Asia. Since the 1970s, in the US, every attempt has been made to subvert the Constitution in order to free up space for the Left to maneuver against the American citizen. You may bear arms but only of a certain type with so much ammunition. You may smoke but only in outer space. You may have health care, but only what we give you. The Constitution has become a “living” organism adaptable to changing socio-political circumstances, i.e. as we freely interpret it to suit our political needs. All you have to do is load the bench of the Supreme Court and see this reality unfold. The Founding Fathers understood this possibility, hence the checks and balances in the US Constitution! The Left will always subvert the political process when it can. It claims consensus yet never produces a single referendum to back up its claim. Whenever it gains an advantage within any legislative environment, it will aggressively push legislation it favours without majority consent of the representatives, never mind that of the citizens. The end destination of any Leftist program is a welfare-based, police state encroaching on every aspect of Life.

Due to the treason of the Liberal the pathway to moderacy no longer exists. It is us versus them. Either Left or the Right now controls an Institution. The Left has firmly set itself against the nation-state, yet, in practice, all of its efforts to force collective action depends on the violence the State can muster. The same State also has to enforce the content of the Constitution. This is no movement driven by the ideals of Anarchism. It is openly hostile to Anarchism as a moral philosophy emphasizing Equality and Justice. Justice is a co-incidental outcome of the Left program. Sacrifices need to be made. The needs of the many outweigh those of the few. The dominant mindset is that you cannot do for yourself, nor judge what you can do for others, but that things must be done for you and on behalf of you. You cannot decide what is good for your children because this may be in conflict with that Society demands. Heck, today the Cowboy exists as an affront to Society. He chews tobacco, wears a gun, dresses like a man, has a real beard, and thinks sex is for fun or making babies. When he falls he laughs. When he does something stupid he laughs harder. When he sees stupid people doing stupid things he laughs even harder. Yet, when the house is on fire he is the first one to kick in the door and see who is inside. Now we call 911 and wait for the State to arrive while cries for help die out inside the house. The Left has utterly perverted our sense of moral responsibility where everything we are too afraid to deal with can be delegated to the State. Time to grow up.

Deon van Zyl (Windhoek, 01/06/2017)
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