Monday, January 9, 2017

Remove that log first...

 Just as my sole is the underneath of my foot, so too is my soul something that belongs to me and no one else.
Why are so many people (on FB and outside of FB) concerned about saving my soul? Why are they so worried about my spiritual acceptance of what they believe?   Are they sprouting stuff out their holy book because they are not too sure that they are correct or not?  I have no need to discuss my spirituality with anyone else because I am safe and comfortable in my own.  I would never dare to assume that my way is the only way. 
As I have said numerous times before on social media and directly to people; if you want to teach me something about your God, then show me by your example.

Do not talk to me about it for it is the same as giving a starving man a Bible. He cannot hear, he cannot read and he cannot eat the Book. Until his hunger for food for survival is satisfied, no amount of preaching is going to fill his belly.   YOU have to fill his belly first before you start preaching. That is how people learn…by your example and NOT by your words.
I hereby give you back your own Word - remove the log from your own eye know the rest.