Monday, January 2, 2017

St Albans Prison

St Albans Prison.  Total lockdown and no visitors.  The media news plays the party line.  The media is the most powerful tool to manipulate the minds of the masses.  How sad that we still are unaware of the brainwashing that we are undergoing. 
These are the exact words of a couple of my sources: 
1.      “Mom, I am petrified.  I watched them kill beat the guys to death and there were more than three of them”

2.      “Emergency sirens went off. I could hear warders saying that 6 members were just stabbed. ( no word of inmates fighting amongst each other). All inmates were locked up and those that stabbed(at this point already unarmed) were isolated into isolated corrodores
All the warders of Maximum, medium A and Medium B rushed off to Maximum, which by the way are three different prisons with three different managers. So what happened at maximum shouldnt effect the inmates at medium. Inmates that were involved were tuen beaten by all the official mobstyle. They were tortured for names of others that was involved in the planning of the stabbings. At this point rhe officials had full control of the inmates. No inmates were dead yet. MR Roxo and Mr Zono tried to stop the members from further beating up the inmates but they were pushed out of the way by the member of all three prisons trying to get a shot in. Those inmates were beaten to death. The inmates that was named by the tortured inmates were then taken from their cells and also beaten. Thats why scores other inmates were alzo injured. SAYING THAT INMATES WERE FIGHTING AMONGST THEMSELVES IS THEIR COMMON WAY OF COVERING UP ASSAULTS AND MURDERS. 
Ever since 2014 the maximum inmates were under lockdown. No excersize. 24 hours behind closed grills like animals. Yesterday was the cause of all that frustration amd mistreatment by members. IF U TREAT A HUMAN BEING LIKE ANIMALS FOR LONG ENOUGH THEY WILL START BEHAVING LIKE ANIMALS.

The St Albans killed and injured prisoners (and wardens?) will not die with 2016.  Investigation by those other than the Department of Correctional Services is required to stop the brutal and harsh conditions of prisons throughout our country.  As a civilized nation with a good Constitution – the bad conditions under which we keep our prisoners has got to STOP.
Suddenly today, 2nd January – the maximum security prisoners are allowed out for exercise for the first time in two years.

Are they afraid now that there might be an investigation that they can’t get out of?  Or is it because there is a threat of a hunger strike? 
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