Monday, June 12, 2017

Why Heinrich van Rooyen Smiled when He was Sentenced

I asked him "Why did you smile when you were sentenced Heini?

He answered - "If I did not smile I would have cried.  I had to think of something to make me smile.  The judge said that if the death penalty was still enforced in South Africa he would have no hesitation in giving me the death sentence.  And I thought to myself "And you would be sending an innocent person to his death".  Then he gave me two life terms and 28 years and I thought ... they have screwed with all the evidence to make me appear guilty but they have not managed to find me guilty of setting the car alight and those extra years is for malicious damage to property". 

I have been in prison for 12 years.  I have to keep hoping because without hope no one can live inside like this.   I have to pin my hopes on Alan D Elsdon who is trying to get the police to re-look at the corruption and the perjury of the detectives in my case.  Christian Botha, the Private Investigator, does not believe I am guilty. Why would I rape and murder women who were available to me.  And why just two of them ... if I were a serial killer then surely I would have gone on a killing spree.  I can't even kill a chicken.  

I am sentenced to life in prison without the right to appeal for the killing of two girls I knew.  One, Victoria, I had only met a few days before and I played pool and danced with her.  She gave me a lift to the entrance to the suburb I lived in. The other, Jessica, I was having a clandestine love affair with.   She had a boyfriend and I had the mother of my children.  Neither of us wanted our partners to know about it".  

If we had a jury system as they do in England, Heinrich van Rooyen would NEVER have been found guilty and the police who perjured themselves would have found themselves in prison. 
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