Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Heinrich van Rooyen - The Don Juan

We have the affidavits and the eye-witness reports proving that Heinrich van Rooyen is not guilty of the murders of Jessica wheeler and Victoria Stadler in Knysna in 2005 (see for details – Horrific Details of Stadler’s last hours show Heinrich van Rooyen is NOT the murderer).
The Judiciary say that we must get the police to investigate.  The police say we must go back to court.  And in the meantime, an innocent person has been in prison for 12 years.   The ineptitude of both the police to investigate their own corrupt police who framed Heinrich and the judiciary who gave him 2 life sentences and 28 years without leave to appeal is beyond belief and completely unacceptable. The 28 years was for malicious damage to property and rape, neither of which Heinrich is responsible.  He did not rape anyone and nor did he set the vehicle of Stadler alight.
However, it is we, the public, who are the ones who can make this change by shouting loudly from the rooftops that the behaviour of the police and the justice system is corrupt and incompetent.  It is our taxes that pay for this service and we are the ones who must call the shots.  If we say nothing and do nothing, then we are saying that their behaviour is acceptable and that it is fine for innocent people to be imprisoned.   Heinrich was framed to protect drug lords, cops and businessmen in Knysna.  
It has been said that he was not like by a few men before he was put into prison.  Let me explain why this idea is being promulgated.   Heinrich van Rooyen was a Don Juan.  He was a DJ at a popular nightclub and as such, he was constantly in the face of the young population of Knysna and the many tourists.  He was (and still is) charming and could charm that panties off any woman he pleased.  Why would someone who was constantly being solicited and offered kisses, oral sex and intercourse on a plate, rape and murder one or both girls. 
It makes no sense at all for a man who is offered sex at every opportunity to have to rape someone, or even bother to murder the female afterwards. All the young women, including Jessica and Victoria, were constantly vying for his attention.   It is my opinion that the men who said they did not like him before he went to prison were most likely jealous of the attention he was paid by young females.   

Being a Don Juan does not make you a murderer!
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