Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Heinrich van Rooyen Case is a Political Hot Potatoe

Worried that the murder of two young women in 2005 would negatively affect the tourism to Knysna, a businessman co-opted private investigators, Christian Botha and Daryl Els to conduct the investigation so that the person responsible for the murder of the two young girls, Victoria Stadler and Jessica Wheeler could be put behind bars as soon as possible.
With single minded determination, the police decided that the murderer was the popular DJ and spun their investigation around Heinrich van Rooyen.   The police did not bother to look at any other suspects other than van Rooyen and to put him behind bars,  the police botched the crime scenes; putting an innocent man in prison for 12 years now.  He has 2 life sentences and 28 years.
There is no justice for three people in this situation, not for innocent Heinrich van Rooyen but for Victoria Stadler and Jessica Wheeler as well.   This is a three times miscarriage of justice.  And the murderers still walk the street, although one of them is in prison for another murder committed.  These murders involve drug lords and dirty cops; each protecting one another.
Since visiting Heinrich in prison, I have come to learn of another man, Marius, who is in prison for life for a crime he did not commit.   The same cops were involved in that case too.
And to further muddy the waters for the dirty cops, Fred van der Vyver was also arrested for the murder of Inge Lotz by the same cops. Fred was later found not guilty.
I know this is perhaps not the right thing to say at a time like this, but with the corruption in the Knysna Municipality that has been going on since the DA took over, and the dirty cops; karma came in the form of fire to Knysna. And the innocent suffered for it, just as Heinrich, Marius and Fred suffered at the hands corrupt police.  And no justice has been done for Wheeler and Stadler.
It makes no sense when Heinrich van Rooyen’s people are told to go back to court with the new evidence that he was framed while the judiciary tell them to go back to the cops to investigate again.  The cops say that Heinrich’s case is closed and no further investigation will take place.  This is a serious miscarriage of justice and a political hot potatoe.  Will the police admit that their own people tampered with evidence so as to frame an innocent man?.  It is better to keep him in prison for life so that he does not become another embarrassment for the police
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