Sunday, February 12, 2017

Our disgusting State of the Nation Address

Our country is is in ruin...we are a corrupt and disgusting people...words fail me in my anger and embarrassment about what the world thinks of us. 
However, I think we may have another option to the eye for an eye.  Non-violent disobedience and growing our own selves. 
Change in a country starts with one person.  Yes, I know our country is burning and I know this is a formidable task to overcome, particularly in the aftermath of our SONA.  I have a million negative things to say about that, but for today I am choosing another path.
 Each country reflects either the pace or the turmoil of its population.   As one person changes, so does the environment around them change. It is a law of nature.  Change in one brings about a change in another.  I have seen it work time and time again when interacting with those who are extremely opposed to my ideas.   Through immense love, one person has the power to change an entire population – it all starts with us.  We cannot bring about peace to South Africa until we have conquered the harshness and replaced it with peace within ourselves.  This is a HUGE task that we can set ourselves to doing.  Our job is to first bring peace into our own lives and then we will become a gift to our country, and perhaps even to the world.   If you have ever studied quantum physics, you will know that the flap of a butterflies wings can bring about a storm somewhere in the world. 

This task is an enormous one for me – I get so worked up about injustice that the furthest thing from my mind is peace, but I am going to try.  Why not join me in this most difficult task?
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