Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I cried today ....

My beautiful Mother on Xmas day 
My mom came to visit me today.  She is 84 and she drove her Volkswagen Beetle 50 km here and 50 km back home to rub my legs and give me a reflexology treatment.
While she was doing my feet, I fell asleep.  She sat quietly holding my feet in her hands until I woke up.  Then she and I staggered to the bathroom to go to the toilet. The blind leading the blind.
When we got back to my bedroom and she had helped me into bed, she said,
          “I say thank you to God every single morning that He has given you to me for just one more day”.

I started crying and could not stop.  I am one of six children … where are they?  And why are they not at her side during these last days of her life.   But I cried most because every day that I live and suffer, she is so grateful that she thanks God.  And all I want is to stop suffering – for it all to end.  How can I end it now that I know that she thanks God for giving me to her for one more day?  I thank God for having a mother who loves me so much.