Tuesday, January 12, 2016

South African Exploitation of Workers at it's Best

I have heard a lot of people complain about the car guards at shopping centres.  Did you know that there are companies that have contracts with various businesses in shopping centres ie. Woolworths, and they put their own car guards at the parking areas outside of the businesses that they have contracts with.

What I find absolutely unforgivable about these CAR GUARD COMPANIES is that they make the car guard pay for his uniform and also pay a “standing fee” per day to the car guard company.  The “standing fee” can be anything between R25.00 and R100.00 per lane, and is collected from them by the Car Guard Company.  So before the car guard gets his first R1.00 from you, the owner of the vehicle, he has to pay for the privilege of guarding your car to the Car Guard Company who has a contract with whichever business it is that has the parking bays.   So before you start shouting at the car guard, think about the exploitation of the person who stands in all kinds of weather, guarding your vehicle while you do your shopping inside the malls.  I don’t know how we can stop this exploitation of people, but I hope that the owners of the Car Guard Companies have very bad nights.  And don’t tell me that the businesses such as Woolworths, Pep Stores, Game etc., don’t know that these people are being exploited.  Shame on the businesses which have car parks!!!   Shame on the Car Guard Companies!!!  Shame on us all for allowing this kind of thing to happen to our own people!!  
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