Monday, November 23, 2015

The Monster in my Life

It is the coldest, darkest part of the night; the time just before the birds let you know that dawn is arriving – that I am rudely pulled away from my gentle slumber by the monster.  The monster’s name is Mr Naar Vomitus.
Oh, the longing to get away from Mr Vomitus. 

Pain one can handle; you can scream or you can hurt yourself where you have no pain to focus the pain on someplace else.  But with Mr Vomitus, there is nowhere to go.  You can’t get rid of him once he has you by the throat.  It is war – all-out war.  I throw all my ammo at him; it weakens him but he comes back time and again and suddenly – relief…reprieve from heaven.  Mr Vomitus is no more.  This is the way I start my day, every day.  This is how I win the first fight of the day.
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