Friday, November 13, 2015

Banned from FaceBook for telling the truth ...

WARNING: If you don't have a stomach for the reality of what is happening in our country, do not watch the video. If you have watched and you think you have the courage to stop being an armchair warrior, and to actually put some action behind your words, let me know. I am looking for people with courage, those who are unafraid and who feel affronted by what is happening in our land and who are prepared to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We no longer need political forums - what we need is a social movement where all our issues are going to be addressed, by people like you and me. We can no longer leave it to the politicians - they have proved their unworthiness and have rendered our country a place we can no longer be proud of. The government is not accountable to the people. They should be because we put them there. However, they are not so now it is the people who must start fighting for peace and prosperity for us all. No longer can we allow our politicians to divide and rule. I don't have enough time to have back and forth debates. I want to do something right now to create the change we need, but I need others who feel the same way.
This was the message that accompanied by video of children being burned in a township. The reason for re-posting is because Mandla has received absolutely no response from his letters to the Human Rights Commission or to his enquiries that the SAPS do something about the inhumanity of this kind of mob violence.   The video had been taken down prior to me being banned.
I am locked out and banned from using FaceBook for the next 24 hours.  If I inadvertently had you banned for a similar period, please accept my apologies.   I never intended to shut anyone out.  My intention was to get people to see that even with evidence and despite numerous requests for something to be done about this tragic state of affairs in our country, nothing has been done.
We all have the right to a responsible government and the response of the government to the burning of children and adults is anything but responsible.
I will continue to write what I like, when I like and what I want to write.  No amount of banning will stop me from doing this.  I feel that being banned for showing the truth while child pornography and hate speech is allowed free access on social media, then we live in a very sick country.  Truth sure makes people afraid for why else would they have taken down my post.
Illegitimi non carborundum !!!!