Friday, November 13, 2015

Mom, it's me...

It was my second day home and I was lying on my left side, my one arm under the pillow where my head was, the other just holding a book.  My eyes were closed.  I felt a presence in the room.  “Fuck, this hallucinating is getting to be very bad”, I thought.  I had been losing some of my sight and getting tunnel vision and my hearing has been going for a ball of shit. 
I opened my one eye and saw my daughter.  “Holy Mother of God, I really must get help or tell Patrick about this”, I thought.  She just stood there looking at me.  I pulled my arm out from under the pillow and half raised myself.  Speaking very softly, I said; “Denny?”   I could not say it out loud.  I did not want anyone to think I had completely lost my marbles so I asked quietly.  If this was a vision, I was not broadcasting it.
“Mom, it’s me.  I am here…for seven whole days!”

The tears ran down my cheeks as I sobbed, both of us holding onto one another, both aware that this may be the last time we are together. 
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