Thursday, September 3, 2015

To be Authentic is to Allow Others to See Your Vulnerability

A eureka moment...I have just realized that I am a very vulnerable person.  I don’t have walls built up around me to protect my mental, psychological or emotional state.  And because I feel connected to all people on one level or another, I get hurt.  That hurt is especially bad when the other person says something untrue and unkind about me.  I don’t get hurt, I get angry and made when it is a hurt against another.  But an incident like the one I had on FB the other day from Neil disconnects me from humanity; putting me in a place where I need to choose whether to retaliate or not.  I do not like feeling disconnected from humanity.  The vulnerable “me” would rather not retaliate.  The vulnerable “me” would rather walk away.   The authentic “me” would like to give as good as I get, as well as get one good punch in so the person is rendered senseless for long enough that he never stands on my toes again.   But I chose not to retaliate; so I carry the hurt, indignation and disgust with that person three days later.  This is another lesson that I have learned.  It is OK to be vulnerable as long as you remain authentic all the time.  I will respond authentically from now on and will not make a distinction between fighting against injustice for others; and fighting injustice for myself.  Why should we treat pigs like people, when all they do is grunt?