Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oral Sex and PTSD

When I am feeling down, I dig around in my mind to find a funny memory.  This is one of them.
She loved oral sex.  He did not mind doing it and got quite a thrill from it himself, culminating in a really impressive erection and equal satisfaction.   His PTSD from the bush war was to create a memory of oral sex which has been passed on through the generations of our family.
He was busy with his head between her legs when she realized that she had a massive fart on board.  The more pleasant his tongue on her clitoris was making her feel; the more difficult she found it to hold that fart in.  There was a build-up of sexual energy of such force, and on the point of orgasm, that pesky fart escaped between the cheeks of her bum making a violent “ratatat” sound.

In a split second, he had grabbed his .38 special and was standing at the window, peering through the curtains, ready to shoot the bastards in the yard.  And in that split second, the erection was gone.  The momentum of the orgasm for her disappeared as fast as he had moved from between her legs to the bedroom window.  After years, the PTSD was cleared up and oral sex resumed as though the ‘farting’ incident never happened.  Perhaps this memory of mine will lift your spirits and make you smile too.