Wednesday, March 8, 2017

White Man, You're on Your Own - The Logic of Genocide

Enough hatred 
 I am a human rights activist and I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves – for whatever reason; be it that they are children, abused adults or a society that is too afraid to speak the truth.   I see people for who they are, for what is inside their hearts rather than any other distinguishing features.  I have zero tolerance for racism.   For a while, I have had an uneasy feeling about how white people live, and are forced to live by government decree; and their acceptance of being labelled unwelcome in the land of their birth.  For the most part, they accept the notion of being inferior and lamely accept all the blame for the wrongs in South Africa today. 
Standing up for this group of people does not make me a racist.  Steve Biko was not a racist and yet he found it necessary to look at the race he belonged to and found a way to move people in a conscious way.  This was his Black Consciousness Movement (BCM).   He believed that as long as people accepted the status quo (apartheid), there would be no change.  He demanded that Black people become more conscious of their inferior complex and to stand up and be counted, not as being superior to anyone else, but to be aware of their innate personality – something to be proud of.   He said, “…the only vehicle for change are these people who have lost their personality. 
After 22 years of living under ANC rule, White people have lost their personality.  Just as the apartheid system had rules in place to separate and discriminate against people of a different colour – so too today, we have laws that are race-based to oppress the minority group of Whites.
It has been a slow but insidious onslaught to degrade and discriminate against Whites and the sin here is that White people have not stood up to be counted, but have allowed this slow process of discrimination to take place.   They have accepted that the country is no longer theirs, that if they want to live here they must accept what they are given, many feel an urge to ask forgiveness for the apartheid regime even though they never voted for the National Party and many were not even born during that time.  Many too were not even of voting age.  I am angered and disgusted at people who ask for forgiveness for something they did not do, but with cap in hand apologise for the colour of their skin.   I don’t see many people who promote non-racism but at the same time stand up for the minority group that they are unwittingly and by birth assigned to.  
The racism in this country is driven by the government.  In this democratic society, with its equality for all, except in certain circumstances, makes the White minority group less equal to the majority. 
The state sponsored racial hate and the number of laws that alienate the minority in the Zuma administration is one part of the events required for genocide to take place.  This is a well-ordered political indoctrination, making white people inferior to black people in respect to education and sport (quota system); economical and political (AA and BEE).  Part of this indoctrination is to continually point out that the things that go wrong in this country now, is the fault of the White man then.  The number of years the ANC has controlled the government is dismissed and taken out of the history books. 
Very few people know that in 1992, a referendum, limited to white South African voters, asked the question if they supported a vote for all people, irrespective of race, to have the vote and to do away with apartheid.  The overwhelming majority voted YES to the reforms that FW de Klerk had started.  That victory of YES ultimately resulted in apartheid being lifted.  This part is also written out of the history books because it does not suit the necessary conditions for genocide. 
The very fact that our government promotes Black people and makes the ‘other’ separate is another necessary political move necessary for community building to secure a totalitarian order through genocide.
Philip Gourevitch in the book, We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families gives a sobering perspective on genocide.   “Genocide, after all, is an exercise in community building.  A vigorous totalitarian order requires that the people be invested in the leaders’ scheme, and while genocide may be the most perverse and ambitious means to this end, it is also the most comprehensive.  In 1994, Rwanda was regarded in much of the rest of the world as the exemplary instance of the chaos and anarchy associated with collapsed states.  In fact, the genocide was the product of order, authoritarianism, decades of modern political theorizing and indoctrination, and one of the most meticulously administered states in history.  And strange as it may sound, the ideology – or what Rwandans call “the logic”- of genocide was promoted as a way not to create suffering but to alleviate it.  The spectre of an absolute menace that requires absolute eradication binds leader and people in a hermitic utopian embrace, and the individual – always an annoyance to totality – ceases to exist”.   This is the most well-written paragraph on the reasons for genocide. 
Can any one of us honestly say that we do not see the stage at which we are on the scale of the promotion of genocide as a way not to create suffering to the majority, but to alleviate it?  Unless Zuma and his cronies stop fucking around by promoting Blacks and making unfair laws against Whites, our path is destined to end in genocide.  
White people – arise and wake up to becoming conscious of the beauty, the strength, the uniqueness of who you are; wake up and become aware of yourself and your group.  It is now time that I say what is in my heart.   White man...let us pick ourselves up and free ourselves  from our minority and inferior status in South Africa.
Steve Biko said “If one is free at heart, no man-made chains can bind one to servitude, but if one's mind is so manipulated and controlled by the oppressor, then there will be nothing the oppressed can do to scare his powerful masters”.  He also said, “Black man, you are on your own”.  I say “White man, you are on your own”.  There has never been a better time for a White Consciousness Movement.