Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Cost of being Different

The cost of standing up when most people want to sit down, the cost of swimming against the tide, the cost of being contrary to the accepted norm, the cost of walking the middle road instead of the far left and the far right, the cost of losing friends and acquaintances because of the values and convictions that you have … is it all worth the effort? For in the end – you find yourself alone, wondering if any of your effort and energy made any difference at all. There are just some days when it all feels too heavy and I need to withdraw for a little while to create the steam that I need to continue ploughing ahead. I cannot imagine a life where I turn my back on my values, or where the purpose of my life is my own welfare. My purpose is to serve; it is what gives my life value. I suppose it is only human to become despondent now and again. For someone who dislikes confrontation, I sure am at odds with my own nature and therefore need more than the normal dose of courage. I am at last getting to the point that I truly don’t give a fuck what the fanatics and those with ulterior MO’s say to me. Their comments bother me less and less – I will not let the petty views of the majority cause me to stray from my purpose of promoting peace, understanding and compassion amongst all people. I will never turn away from an unjust issue.