Friday, August 26, 2016

The Stalin bed the ANC and SACP sleep in

The ANC’s Stalinist tactics is proof that the SACP are the ones who really pull the strings.  It is completely ludicrous that the laws of the country protect the majority and the minority rights are trampled over while criminals run amok in the streets, poverty spreads, and education standards decline.  It is equally ludicrous that those in power continue to sing the anti-white songs of liberation when in any culture; a person is an adult at 21.  Our country over 21 and yet our government still behave like unruly teenagers with no regard or respect for their fellowmen.  This is not a free society with the right to free association and to compete for employment and sport on the basis of merit.  Trying to make our government see the wrong they are doing to us is like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket.  Die Rooi Gevaar – Communism rules and love, human rights, compassion, ubuntu ... they all walk out the door. 
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