Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Colour of My Skin

When will SA be mentally mature enough to realize that the world is first understood only in opposites?  Thereafter, we humans start to make distinctions within those opposites.  Almost everything we can think of has its opposite.  Day and Night.  Up and Down.  In and Out.  Hot and Cold.  Back and Front.  North and South.  Winter and Summer.  Ascent and Descent.  Sit and Stand. Rich and Poor.  Employed and Unemployed.  Violent and Gentle.  Black and White.  Love and Hate. ANC and DA.   

Skin colour is not an opposite. We are shades of colour ranging from pitch black to blue-white. We are like the flowers; a hundred different shades of all the colours in the universe.  Irrespective of the colour – a flower is still a flower.   Irrespective of our colour, we are still Africans in the South of Africa.   
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