Friday, July 22, 2016

My Weed Growing Adventures

Beautiful germination and the first three leaves come out … then they turn into five or seven leaves, growing along the sides of the main stem.  The underbellies of the leaves are silver and if allowed to grow as it wants, will turn into the most beautiful tree that reminds me of the Christmas trees of Europe.  I hate destroying the males, so I just let them grow as nature intended.  The buds start … the oil glands glisten and I know I have a crop of stunning cannabis – and all three types.   I even manage to grow purple dope which has become my pride and joy.  The sad news is that I can only do this in spring and summer – my attempts at growing indoor weed has been a dismal failure.   My heart ached so for these spindly little plants that were growing taller and taller, turning into corkscrews as they tried to reach the light of my lamp.  This was all done under a table with a heavy duvet covering the table to give them warmth – a lamp to keep the light going and a heater that I turned on and off to keep them warm.  I tried earthworm pee … I spoke to them and I played them classical music.  All to no avail.  Slowly they fell over; some started ranking and others withered and died. They are all so pathetic that I do not have the heart to put the one container I have left outside.  They will freeze to death and so in my compassion for them, I carry them around the house, placing them next to any window that may give them a little warmth and light.  I guess until I rank amongst the professional hydroponic fellows with their big business – I will leave the indoor growing to others.  But hell – my summer crops did well; what a wonderful addition to my salads.  Just another herb that tastes just like rocket. 
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