Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Those Ribbons

You are my sounding board – you are my confidante.  You are the one that I talk to and share what I am feeling.  Yes, I am talking to you.  There is nothing that I will not share with you.  Often I will verbalize the very things that others are too afraid to say.  My world has become small and therefore I verbalize exactly what I am feeling in that moment.  Tomorrow I may feel different, but today I have things that are pissing on my battery.   It is about those Ribbons.   I am entitled to wear an Orange Ribbon – and  that Pink Ribbon???  The one that everyone now sees as breast cancer and that is worn by people who have breasts, be they reconstructed or still as God gave them?  What lies beyond it is not all fluffy and cuddly and warm with comfort from all and flowers galore.  I look at pink ribbons now and I just shake my head.  What do these Ribbons mean to others?  Do we who have the right to wear them because we are living with the disease get more compassion? No.  Do we benefit in any way? No.  Do others offer any help or stop to talk? No.   If ribbons were badges then my chest would have quite a few.  Perhaps I should do that.  Then people would notice the ribbons and not my flat chest.  And now I wait to see if I get to wear the Emerald Green Ribbon too.  Unlike the soldiers who earn their ribbons and badges, we just go and get one for ourselves.  They are not conferred upon us.  But today, I salute all of you who wear a ribbon of colour.  You are also brave, just in another way. 
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