Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Un-Measurable Leveler

We can measure length, depth, speed, intelligence, things that can be seen and things that can only be seen through powerful microscopes.  What can’t be seen cannot exist…right?
Not so with pain or nausea.  Pain is the great leveler and the un-measurable.   For the life of me I cannot imagine why, in 2016, we have nothing at all sophisticated enough to measure pain other than the silly question of “On a scale of one to ten…ten being the worst, what number would you give to the pain you now feel?” This type of scoring is next to useless.  The more pain you have endured in your life, the more you can endure.  Does that make it alright then to with-hold pain medication just because you can handle pain and give a score of 5?  What about the wimp who gives a score of 10 for a splinter?  Does that give him the right to adequate pain medication?

And then there are those doctors who constantly refuse or warn you that if you take that type of pain medication you are going to be addicted.  Who the fuck cares about addiction when your life is not worth living due to pain? 
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