Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Tribal Nature

South African unrest

I think I have finally understood the big picture of the land grab and race-hate of South Africa.  We came from a land divided by the colour of our skin to a place where we believed that we could live as a diverse nation, each group maintaining its own identity.

However, since 1994, far more race-based laws have been put into place to disenfranchise the minority and radical blacks doing what they can to make Africa for Africans only…even to the extent of calling for the killing of whites.
The land expropriation without compensation is the final coup de grace by the ANC government to totally remove their culture and traditions.  
People are tribal by nature and when threatened, they will pull together to ensure that their traditions and way of life is protected.  Tradition is not the worship of ashes; but the preservation of fire and for that reason, the Afrikaner/Boer will fight and give his life for.

The Mandela and FW de Klerk era is over – the honeymoon was brief.  The preparation for war has been long.  While we pray for peace, we will prepare for war.  I am not even Afrikaans but people are tribal by nature and their tribe is closer to mine than to the tribal behaviour of the likes of the ANC/SACP and EFF. 
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