Saturday, May 27, 2017

Chilling – Violent South Africa is part of the plan. Beware the karma. Marxists will be killing Marxists and that too is part of the plan.

Our country is in the third part of a takeover by Lenin/Marxism and few people realize the truth or know how to come to sensible conclusions regarding the disintegration of our country.
 I have just watched a chilling interview with ex-KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov who was born in Moscow in 1939.  He worked for a press agency, which was a front for the KGB and defected in 1970.  Few people realize that the work of the KGB was (now the SFB) was only 15% intelligence and espionage.    The real work of the KGB is propaganda so that they can put their own people in charge of different countries. 
Propaganda is ideological subversion or psychological warfare so that only those who are open to seeing and hearing will know the truth.   And in South Africa, there are very few of these kinds of people.  This subtle manipulation is to change the perception of reality so that despite an abundance of information, no one is able to come to any sensible conclusions to defend self, family, community and country. 
This is done in four steps.
The first step is to demoralise a nation and pump Marx/Leninism to at least 3 generations of students.  It usually takes between 15 and 30 years to get to the point where people who are challenged on the truth refuse to believe it even if it is shoved into their faces or they are shown the facts.   This is so clearly what has happened to our people during these 22 years of so-called freedom.  Our younger generations refuse to see anything other than what they have been brainwashed to believe.
The second step is disinformation.  This takes 2 – 5 years where ideas of Marxism/Leninism are pushed in the media and all other social institutions regarding economy, defence systems and foreign relations. 
The third step can bring a country to crisis and violent change.  This is where we are now.   It can take as little as six weeks for the untethered violence to erupt where nothing makes sense anymore.
The final stage is called normalisation. This is cynical normalisation.  The county’s economy has been destabilised, free markets have been eliminated and a new government will be put in place with a dictator who will do what Marxism/Leninism wants and who will promise the people of the country a lot of things that they never get.
Leftists and human rights are instrumental in the process of subversion.  When they have been used, they will be put up against a wall and shot.  They will no longer be useful.  But they in turn, turn out to be the most bitter of enemies – a Marxist who thinks he is better than the other Marxist and the KGB/SFB will help Marxists to kill Marxists.
And that is why I dislike FW de Klerk intensely for selling us out to the SACP who covered their heads with the ANC flag so no one would notice.  How stupid was FW de Klerk that he was hoodwinked and now we all suffer for it – white and black alike?  The state sponsored hate and racism is part of the requirements to bring about violent change. 

AND WE DON’T SEE IT !!!   Like sheep to the slaughter … like the Jews to the gas chambers … we will walk unknowingly into our genocide that no one understands or can make sense out of.