Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Father - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeC

Charming, intelligent and good looking  but quite crazy at times 

Now that I am writing this all down, some of the things don’t feel so terrible.  But looking at this story on paper, I can see how very wrong it all was.  
I remember asking my father if he could buy us some ice cream for after Sunday dinner.   He obliged and took us all in the van down to the local café where he bought all the ice cream and chocolate he could buy in the shop.   He loaded it onto the truck and drove us home.   It was off loaded onto the dining room table and then he told us to sit and eat.   He told us that we were not allowed to stop eating until it was all finished.   My mother tried to intervene telling him that it was cruel and not possible but he insisted that we had wanted ice cream and now we would damn well eat it.   He sat over us and would not let us stop eating.   We started to feel ill, but still he made us eat.   Some of us started vomiting and he made us eat that up as well.   He was frightening and menacing.  It was a type of do or die situation.    My parents started shouting, the children started crying and I don’t remember much after that.  We never asked for a treat ever again.  
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